Tuesday, August 08, 2006

"I want to live in harmony with Tamil and Muslim communities. I do not want to see a war in the country again " Bandulavathy Vithanage of Kirulapone in Colombo.

People for Peace

People for Peace had a demonstration at Lipton Circus in Colombo on August 8th 2006. They urged the Government of Sri Lanka to enable the Muslims to return to their homes, and they will be provided safety and security. Also they urged the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam to stop trying to expel Muslims from Muthur.

People from all walks of life participated in the demonstration and urged for immediate negotiations, and stop killing the innocent civilians . Sri Lanka's latest bloodshed, which has officially claimed over 440 lives

"Any killing, particularly killing the civilians is disastrous. It should be stopped immediately, and the warring parties should go back to negotiations. There is no organised peace process in Sri Lanka. It has to start somewhere sooner than later" says Dr. Devanesan Nesaiah, Consultant of Centre for Policy Alternatives, and former Government Agent of Jaffna, Mannar and Batticaloa

"We want to draw the attention of both parties,which are engaged in fighting. There is an ugent need for negotiations. Any kind of conflict using arms is unacceptable. Thousands of people are displaced in welfare camps.We have seen this over and over again.This is not new to Sri Lanka.Violence should be stopped immediately, and lives should be respected" says Sepali Kottegoda, Director, Women and Media Collective

"The recent violence and killings build up towards war. It began in Mavilaru and continued to Muthur.There will be large scale war soon in Sri Lanka.People need peace, development and justice.We urge the Government of Sri Lanka and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam to refrain from violence and return to negotiations immediately. Executing seventeen aid workers in Muthur is an extremely serious matter" says Dr. Jayadeva Uyangoda of Social Scientists' Association of Sri Lanka

"Innocent civilians are killed for no reason.It's a dirty war. We have suffered enough in the past.Why do the Politicians want to fulfill their agenda. Voices of the Muslims are not heard. They are trapped in between the warring parties. Immediate relief should be provided to the Muslims.And the safety of the Muslims should be assured by both parties" says Fareeha Jaleel, Programme officer for peace related activities of Consortium of Humanitarian Agencies

"We strongly oppose war. What has happened in the recent past is horrible. There is no regard for civilian life. Barriers are broken-Churches, Mosques are targeted.No place is safe. Investigations should be carried out with regard to the seventeen aid workers, who were executed in Muthur.Civilians are used as propaganda device" says Mirak Raheem, Researcher of Centre for Policy Alternatives

"I have been living in Sri Lanka fro five months.It's sad and horrible to see the civilian lives are lost.There is no human dignity.Although I am not a citizen of Sri Lanka,as a citizen of the world I am urging the warring parties to stop killing civilians,take a stronger stand and start the negotiations again" says Mari Ines Fuenmayor from Venezuela,Chief Editor of Consortium of Humanitarian Agencies in Sri Lanka